The Company

MECA Lead Recycling produces refined lead by using lead-acid batteries and other high-lead materials. The technology used is able to recover raw material efficiently and environmentally.
The company acquires raw lead, lead-acid batteries and other high-lead lead-acid batteries, making raw materials for the production of
MECAPLUS starter batteries (pure lead 99.97 / 99.985) and alloys on request.

Environmental Sustainability

The systems installed and used by MECA Lead Recycling are an advanced technology designed to protect the environment, for this important aspect the unit is equipped with a chemistry laboratory, whose activity is to control the operation of important process of the plant and the quality of production.
Among these we cite some of the most important from a technological point of view:

  • Dust Extraction System, NEUTREC Smoke Dust System, Solvay;
  • Continuous analytical control system for polluting emissions;
  • Wastewater Treatment System;

    To achieve these important goals, MECA is in possession of an environmental certificate issued in accordance with ISO 14001 / EN ISO14001: 2004 and AIA.


The construction of the MECA Lead Recycling business facility began in March 1995 and is completed in 2000.
The first installed system was the process of crushing and sewage treatment, completed and tested at the end of 1996.
The second installed system was the rotary kiln, completed in 1998.
The third installed system was the refinery facility completed in 2000.

After consolidating business relations with North Africa, the company decided to launch its PLANET TRADING company in Morocco in 2014.

MECA Lead Recycling S.p.A.

Contrada Annitello, 88046 Lamezia Terme fraz. S. Pietro Lametino (CZ)